Join The Girls’ Network: help young women achieve their potential

By Katie Eliza Wright, who works for The Girls’ Network.

We live in a democracy, a social condition of equality and classlessness for all. Is this the democracy we know? Currently, we live in a world where equality is too often seen as a privilege for only the rich, as if it’s something expensive to buy and something not everyone can afford. Elitism consistently leads to the demeaning of the poor, the working class, the people who ultimately keep this country running – those who do the jobs no millionaire would dream of doing. Economic cuts take homes from families, benefits from disabled people and opportunities away from the young. Too often, women are abused and treated as second or third class citizens; this is something that should never happen. This is not equality. This is not democracy.

In an economic crisis that is ending jobs rather than creating them, it is vital that young women are given equal opportunities to men and those from richer backgrounds. As it stands, many work experience placements or internships remain in the hands of those who can afford to work for free. This is a privilege only bestowed on the rich.

The Girls’ Network was founded by two teachers, Charly and Becca, with the vision of unlimited futures for all young women. We aim to inspire and support young girls from the least advantaged communities through positive female role models.

The Girls’ Network believes that all girls have the right to be able to access the best opportunities available and should not be limited by gender. We believe girls have the right to high aspirations, hope and knowledge of their self-worth and capacity to shape their world.

The Girls’ Network strives to restore hope and inspiration to girls who no longer see it in their surroundings. We want to ensure disadvantaged communities and poorer backgrounds will not limit their success.

Our Network is growing. We’re in need of female mentors and funders, who can help open doors to experience, opportunity and support for our girls. Mentoring is so rewarding and a chance to build friendships, work on personal skills and it may help strengthen your career.

Growing up, girls are faced with inequality in terms of pay, work opportunities and progression and treatment within society. As many support and pressure groups are trying to address and solve the issue of workplace inequality, The Girls’ Network is trying to develop self-belief and self-value amongst young girls and work with them so they can progress into any career they wish, regardless of background or gender. We also want them to understand the importance of progression towards equality both in and outside of the workplace.

Equality is about freedom, justice and fairness. It isn’t something we buy or only the rich can afford. It’s free and should be available to everyone. The Girls’ Network is here to ensure all girls have access to unlimited futures. We hope you’ll join us.

For more information on joining as The Girls’ Network as a mentor and/or funder, please contact Katie via twitter or visit the Network’s website.