Light a beacon for Emily Davison

This is a guest post by the artist and filmmaker Nigel Shephard from Gypsy Gold Films


Tuesday 4 June 2013 will mark one hundred years since Emily Wilding Davison ran out on to the track at Epsom Downs. To commemorate this moment in Women’s Suffrage History I am looking for 99 volunteers to participate in a nationwide light installation.

On 4 June 2013 at St Georges Church, Bloomsbury, where her funeral was held, I will throw the switch on the commemorative light sculpture ‘The Spirit of Liberty’, a title inspired by a famous essay by Emily Davison. This will be accompanied by a further 99 beacons lit, across the country and worldwide, on the same day, at a time of your choosing. What that beacon may be is totally down to each participant. It could be the switching on of a torch, the striking of a match or the lighting of a bonfire.

Each participant will be asked to film the event. These videos will later be edited in to a commemorative film.

If you wish to take part please contact Nigel at:

[email protected]