Weekly round-up and open thread

Plate of green tea mochi.jpgMonday is here and with it is green tea mochi. That is, I mean, links. (Sometimes I get confused when I’m peckish.)

As ever, linking does not equate endorsement (which is surely a shame for everyone here, because they would otherwise come into untold riches) and some links may contain disturbing content.

Comments are open for chat and anything we might have missed. Also, mochi.

  • All Hail the Queen? (bitchmedia)
  • Call for nominations for the top 100 Girls in Tech in the UK (Girls in Tech London)
  • Emily Wilding Davison made the only choice she could bear (New Statesman)
  • Hidden cam found in Starbucks women’s restroom in Istanbul (Hurriyet Daily News)
  • No more stitch-ups! Media literacy for fat activists (Obesity Timebomb)
  • Women Know More About Finances Than They Get Credit For (New York Times)
  • Lucy Meadows coroner tells press: ‘shame on you’ (Guardian)
  • Opinions – Company Magazine’s “This Is Skinny Club” (From The Perspective Of A Fat Girl) (i dream with Alice)
  • Woolwich murder: 200 Islamophobic incidents since Lee Rigby’s killing (Guardian)
  • Paris to Have First Female Leader in 2,000-Year History After Election (Huffington Post)
  • Why kissing is bad (but rape can be just fine) (Hurriyet Daily News)
  • Facebook admits mistake on violent misogynist images (Liberal Conspiracy)
  • The London art audit: how well are female artists represented? (Guardian)
  • Abortion ruling shows women know what’s in their best interest (politics.co.uk)
  • The myth of the BFF and the end of female friendships (Guardian, Australia Culture Blog)
  • Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today (Guardian, World news)
  • Back in action (Inside Housing)
  • Brazil’s ‘lost report’ into genocide surfaces after 40 years (Guardian)
  • Remember the comfort girls (Not all that wander are lost)
  • Lez Zeppelin, Vag Halen and AC/DShe – meet the all-female tribute bands (Guardian, Music)
  • The Debate ¦ Intersectionality Round 5 (Black Feminists)
  • Revealed: Two policemen caught on tape mocking gay woman who was helping them solve a crime (Daily Record)
  • Nigeria officially passes ‘Jail All The Gays’ law (Gay Star News)
  • Facebook locks out campaigner against images of violence against women (Guardian, World news, Australia)
  • Anonymous Wants to Teach Rape Prevention in Schools (Mother Jones)
  • Pictures of people who mock me (Salon)

    Since I’ve got snacks on the brain, here’s Shonen Knife performing Banana Chips.

    Image shows a plate of green tea mochi. Used under a Creative Commons licence, with thanks to jasja dekker.