Weekly round-up and open thread

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It’s that time again. Weekly round-ups are interesting links we’d like to draw attention to but were not able to focus on the issue. Linking does not necessarily mean endorsement. Please tread careful if you are sensitive to disturbing content.

1. Huston sorry for comments about female skaters (X Games)

2. Chinese unmarried mothers could face huge fines (the Guardian)

3. A letter to Angelina Jolie by an Indian Transman (The Times of India)

4. BBC apologies for broadcast on ‘curing’ Clare Balding of being a lesbian (Pink News)

5. headless prostitutes are teh sexy (flickfilosopher)

6. ‘Plus-size’ readers and the body image dilemmas (BBC News)

7. Why you shouldn’t tell that random girl on the street she’s hot (Brute Reason)

8. Public Morality in Sex Spaces > Vanessa Ho (s-pores)

9. Only 2,500 votes left to submit these proposed Female Minifigure Sets to Lego (CUUSOO)

10. Woman in red becomes leitmotif for Istanbul’s female protesters (Reuters)

11. Senate sexual assault hearing “forgets” to invite victims of sexual assault (America blog)

12. Why I’m breaking the cycle of violence in Afghanistan (Women under seige)

13. Health minister Anna Soubry has been forced to explain herself after appearing to agree with comments about the “burden” that female doctors could put on the NHS (This is Jersey)

14. The University of Leipzig has voted to adopt the feminine version of the word for “professor” as its default. In German Professorin refers to a female professor while Professor is the male equivalent (The Local)

15.Hooray for Malorie Blackman, an inspiring new children’s laureate

When I worked in a bookshop, the absence of brown faces in children’s books was striking. I hope now more will appear (The Guardian)

16. ‘Check your privilege’- we are not using it how you think we are (Feminism from a swivel chair)

17. #HowILearnedAboutIntersectionality (Storify)

18. Slut-shaming Kate Winslet exposes sexist double standard applied to women’ (The Telegraph)

19. World’s largest study of children of LGBT parents finds kids are thriving (LGBTQ Nation)

20. Hey Patriarchy! Hear our voice (Safe World For Women)

21. Texas Says It’s OK to Shoot an Escort If She Won’t Have Sex With You (Gawker)

22. Robin Thicke’s new video is horrible, misogynist bullshit (Vice beta)

23. Tyler the Creator shouldn’t be allowed to verbally abuse me (The Guardian)

24. Bill marks progress in the fight for women’s rights, but it’s only a first step (Irish Examiner)

25. Teacher found with child porn allowed to return to work at school (The Independent)

26. Jury acquits escort shooter (San Antonio’s Home Page)

27. Tunisia’s battle with topless women (Al Arabiya English)

28. You’re Doing it Rong. John Pilger Explains What Feminists Should Do (Echidne of the Snakes)

29. BREAKING: LGBT People Should Be Put to Death, Says Aussie Salvation Army Major (Truth wins out)

30. Swedish male train drivers don skirts after shorts ban (The Local)

31. Michael Gove blocks move to force schools to report sex abuse (Exaro News)

32.Abigail Heyman, Feminist Photojournalist, Dies at 70 (NYTimes)

33. …and then they came for the trans* people. (Second Council House of Virgo)

34. I am silenced by the tyranny of impending motherhood (The Guardian)

Further, for this week’s video…

Feminist Frequency has posted another video for the Tropes vs. Women video series. These video series highlight the misogyny seen in video games. This is the second part to the Damsel in Distress theme.

The photo depicts people who are attending the Slutwalk in Hamburg. One of them is holding the feminist sign. Thanks neue ideen for the photo!