Weekly round-up and open thread, 8 July 2013

Hi Everyone

Here’s this week’s round-up of content we noticed but didn’t get a chance to blog about. As always, just because it’s listed below doesn’t mean we agree with it. Also, some of the content could be triggering or upsetting, so please use your discretion when clicking.

Feel free to use the comments to add any more links you want to share or to raise anything you want to talk about.

Rape porn, rape fantasies and knowing what’s real (Glosswatch)

Linzi Ashton murder: Police told of sex assault in April (BBC)

Sparks fly over Royal Society gender study (Independent)

Alex Salmond refuses invitation to men-only Open Championship golf club (Independent)

Why Jeremy Forrest is No Victim (everydayvictimblaming)

Why Don’t Cops Believe Rape Victims? (Slate)

Susan Sarandon: ‘Feminism is a bit of an old-fashioned word’ (Observer)

Swedish Women Drop Burkas and Enter Stockholm Mosque Bare-Breasted; Pandemonium Ensues (Patheos)

Bodies That Mattered (The Rumpus)

Game On Ladies (flygirlgamers.com)

“More than just a Mum”: motherhood and identity policing (Stuff and things)

Myths of glamor: faerytale archetypes & female form (Asher Wolf)

In Question to Serena Williams, a Hint of Sexism (New York Times)

You Are Lisa Simpson (Femme Ephemera)

FEMEN’s ‘Topless Jihad’ (The Nation)

Egyptian women fear rising tide of sexual assault as Tahrir crowds grow (Guardian, World)

That’s All She Wrote (The Toast)

Jeremy Forrest tried to groom me when I was THIRTEEN claims former pupil (Mirror)

On being an ally…Revisited (Daily Kos)

Gender is different (Julia Serano)

Egypt: Epidemic of Sexual Violence (Human Rights Watch)

Quick hit: @yesyouresexist is my favourite new feed (Feministing)

Ellen Page: ‘Why are people so reluctant to say they’re feminists?’ (Guardian, Film)

Human traffickers forcing girls into nail bars and massage parlours on streets of Wales (Wales Online)

The Tanda System (the Billford)

Why I won’t speak at women-only events (Guardian)

Even the most successful black women are not ‘good enough’ (Racialicious)

The feminists on the frontline (Stylist Magazine)

What men want, America delivers (Salon)

Having a grown up conversation about racism (renireni, Storify)

The hoaxer who breaks women’s hearts (Guardian)

BBC apologises for John Inverdale’s gaffe over Marion Bartoli (Guardian)

At the crossroads of disability and abortion: My body, my life, my choice. (halfagiraffe.co.uk)

The Life in the UK citizenship test: where are the women? (Inherently Human)

How we ‘other’ sexual assault to ignore our own norms of abuse (Guardian)

When your code of conduct has unintended consequences (geekfeminism.org)

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval (The Sacremento Bee)

In Turkey Women’s Issues Simmer in the Background (Women’s E-News)

Photo of two standing tourist binocular machines pointing at a forested valley, by andyarthur, shared under a Creative Commons license

Editor’s note: This article was published before Elliot Page came out as trans, with he/they pronouns.