Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 15th July 2013

Here’s our weekly round-up of stories we found interesting this week but didn’t have chance to blog about. Linking does not imply endorsement; and as always, because these go through to other sites, the content you find there could be triggering, so please click with caution.

Picture is of the Shard, the London skyscraper climbed by Greenpeace activists, and discussed by (at least) two of the articles we link to in the round-up this week. Image courtesy of Mariordo (Mario Riberto Duran Ortiz) via Wikipedia.

Mitherings from Morningside: The Smell of Bullshit, part 22: Sexual Harassment is Part of the Job

Huffington Post: Chile Abortion Debate Sparked By Child’s Pregnancy

Guardian: Sexual violence in Egypt: ‘The target is a woman’

Guardian: Courtroom treatment of vulnerable victims faces review

Bust: Men And Women Switch Clothes And Make Us Confused And Happy

Independent: British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows

BBC: Ossett cafe owner ‘warns’ customers she is black

Poynter: Wired’s profile of Google engineer leads with anecdotes about her wardrobe

Care2: Greece is Waging a Horrifying War on Transgender Women

Guardian: Irn-Bru ‘push-up bra’ ad cleared despite more than 170 complaints

Guardian: Lesbophobia is homophobia with a side-order of sexism

Medium.com: The Straight, White Dudes’ Guide to Discussing Diversity

KaosGL: 24-Year-Old Trans Woman Stabbed to Death in Turkey

Columbia Journalism Review: Woman’s work – the twisted reality of an Italian freelancer in Syria

Slate: What Is a “Preferred Gender Pronoun,” and Is It Always Obnoxious?

Guardian: Egypt needs a revolution against sexual violence

Everyday Victim Blaming: Reframing the conversation around Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse

Policymic: The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told About the Oppression Of Muslim Women

Textual Relations: The young girl and the selfie

Telegraph: The Shard protest isn’t just about the Arctic: it’s a victory for women, says Greenpeace

Education for Choice: 2012 abortion statistics

Guardian: Women make up only 20% of solo radio broadcasters, research reveals

Guardian: The Shard protesters also struck a blow against macho activism

Policymic: 6 Most Influential Women Writers You’ve Never Heard Of

Guardian: No review board into early deaths of patients with learning disabilities

Writing About Writing: Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative

Slate: Malala Yousafzai Celebrated Her 16th Birthday by Giving an Incredible Speech at the U.N.

BBC: Texas senate passes 20-week abortion ban bill

Private Eye: What Katie didn’t do