New review: Mania Akbari’s One. Two. One

One. Two. One 2D Pack Shot.jpgFollowing the July retrospective of Iranian director Mania Akbari at BFI Southbank, Second Run DVD released Akbari’s 2011 feature One. Two. One on DVD.

Our new contributor L W Yates reviews the film for us, saying:

One of the most potent things about One. Two. One is not however the fear, the oppression or the societal mores portrayed in the first half of the film, themes that dominate so many critiques of Akbari’s work. It is, rather, the way in which Ava picks herself up, rejects Mani’s attempt at reconciliation and finds new love – in an unexpected place, but firmly on her own terms and while making jokes about her ordeal on the way.

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The film is available through Second Run DVD their website.