Weekly round-up and open thread, 2 September 2013


Hi everyone

Happy Monday! Here is our weekly round-up of things we’ve seen around the web but haven’t had time to write about. Please use your discretion when clicking on any links as some posts could be triggering and the fact that it’s included in the round-up doesn’t mean we endorse the content in any way.

Feel free to chat about anything feminist-related on your mind or add your own links in the comments.

A Show of Strength by Middle Eastern Women Photographers (NYTimes)

Portraits of Albanian Women who have lived their lives as men (PetaPixel)

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs: a six-minute guide to the prejudices of the entertainment industry (NewStatesman)

What does Jamie Oliver really know about modern day poverty? (North/South Food)

Has There Ever Been A Bigger Prick Than Jamie Fucking Oliver? (the void)

Mind the maternity gap: 50,000 women a year don’t get jobs back after taking leave (Independent)

We need to talk about racism in punk (Collapse Board)

Mumbai gang rape: The algebra of infinite outrage (Live Mint)

G. Todd Baugh Petition: Judge Who Gave Stacey Rambold 30 Days For Rape Of Student Urged To Resign (UPDATED) (Huffington Post)

Women in IT: ‘If you want to be taken seriously, dress like a man’ (The Register)

The singer, the X-rated movies and the dictator: Kim Jong-un’s former lover ‘executed by machine-gun for appearing in porn films’ (Independent)

The Conflict by Elisabeth Badinter – review (Guardian)

Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault on girls (BBC)

Rail workers refuse to let special needs children sit in business class.. claiming they would spoil journey of other passengers (Daily Record)

Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris (Huffington Post)

Australia is failing to live up to its responsibilities to protect women (Guardian, Cif)

After #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: So You Want To Be An Ally, Now What? (xoJane)

Our priorities are not the same (No comment)

Saudi Arabia passes country’s first law against domestic violence (First Post)

Britain’s Retreat from Free Speech (Naomi Wolf at Project Syndicate)

Why Mumsnet feminism matters (glosswatch)

The Coalition Government and broadening the fight to end violence against women and girls beyond the Criminal Justice System (Karen Ingala Smith)

Return to Yarl’s Wood (this time as a visitor) (women for refugee women)

The women of Greenham Common taught a generation how to protest (Guardian)

Ireland Has Performed Its First-Ever Legal Abortion, And It Saved A Dying Woman’s Life (AlterNet)

Germany becomes first European country to recognise ‘undetermined’ sex (Mail & Guardian)

Image of some sheep crossing a road, by jaci Lopes dos Santos, shared under a Creative Commons license