Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s round-up of interesting and thought- or rage-provoking news and views. As usual, linking does not imply endorsement of the content of the article or website in question. We are unable to provide content notes for every link, so please exercise caution when clicking, as some content may be upsetting or triggering.

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Some children have been married 60 times by the time they turn eighteen (Washington Post)

Bride aged 8 dies after suffering internal sexual injuries during wedding night with man, 40 (Huffington Post)

Reports of My Twitter Account Deletion Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Week Woman)

Black woman pretends to be white, job offers skyrocket (PBH2)

Herbal abortions and editorial responsibility (Brute Reason)


Female genital mutilation helpline uncovers 34 potential cases (Guardian)

The Last Acceptable Prejudice (This Ain’t Livin’)

Does watching porn make you more sexist? Depends if you’re a gentleman, study says (The Globe and Mail)

How the Military’s ‘Bro’ Culture Turns Women Into Targets (The Atlantic)

Locs of Love: Black Women Uplift Girl Barred From Tulsa School For Wearing Natural Hair (My Brown Baby)

The New York Times was right to send reporters on a refugee boat to Australia (Guardian, Cif)

Muslim students banned from wearing veils at Birmingham Metropolitan College (Birmingham Mail)

Abuse of Asian girls missed because of focus on white victims, says report (Guardian)

Women in Computing Gallery opens (The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park)

Michael Le Vell acquitted – but charity blasts child rape cross-examination (Salford Online)

Austerity works? We need to keep making noise about why it doesn’t (Guardian, Cif)

Julia Gillard takes up honorary post at the University of Adelaide (Guardian, World)

Deputy speaker Nigel Evans to be charged with sexual offences (Guardian)

Hijab, the illusion of choice (Pakistan Today)

ATOS doctor advised gay man to seek out gay cures (GMC UK)

On two dangerous and persistent rape myths (sian and crooked rib)

Sexism in tech is everyone’s problem (VentureBeat)

Richard Dawkins, Again (Shakesville)

India should be ashamed: Being born a girl isn’t ‘a crime’ (The Telegraph)

Peaceful protest will not be tolerated (Guardian, Cif)

I Am a False Rape Allegation Statistic (Almost Diamonds)

Private Chelsea Manning’s story is a wake-up call for national news coverage of transgender people (glaad)

University of Edinburgh bans Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ from playing on campus (Independent)

Totino-Grace High School fired teacher Kristen Ostendorf for coming out as lesbian (CityPages blog)

Media Coverage of the Michael Le Vell Case – Part One (Everyday Victim Blaming)

Our very own Jess McCabe interviewing Katie Roiphe (The Toast)

The Prison System Welcomes My Newborn Niece to This World (TruthOut)

Rachael Slack murder: former partner had made death threats (Guardian)

Proof that ATOS expect people with incurable conditions like cerebral palsy to “get better” (Pride’s Purge)

Don’t you dare call me a ‘dyke’. Only my close gay friends can (Alice Arnold in The Telegraph)

Abused Goddesses, Orientalism and the Glamorization of Gender-Based Violence (The Feminist Wire)

“Smile, baby”: The words no woman wants to hear (Salon)

Why I Am Not A Feminist (Dad Who Writes)

[Contains descriptions of sexual abuse] Yarl’s Wood abuse allegations: Tanja’s story (The Observer)

There is no great stigma attached to being a rapist (New Statesman)

Food bank Britain: ‘I didn’t ask to be ill’ (Guardian)

A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant (Buzzfeed)

Judge compromises over niqab for Muslim woman in dock (Guardian)

How Society Shames Men Dating Trans Women & How This Affects Our Lives (Janet Mock)

Sarah Teather was a poor families minister because she has no children, ex-Minister suggests (The Telegraph)

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