Welcome to September’s guest bloggers

It’s a new month and time for two more guest bloggers. Please welcome September’s bloggers Sarah Thomasin and Linnea Dunne.

Sarah Thomasin is a sexual health worker, performance poet and queer feminist. Particular interests include tackling bigotry through education, challenging assumptions about gender identity exploring the links between intersectionality and solidarity. Sarah lives in Sheffield with her civil partner Chella and their cat Ajsing Bajsing.

A Swede in London, Linnea is a writer, mother, idealist and magazine editor whose sporadic blogging most often takes the shape of frustrated vents about inequality, while her tweets are 140-character versions of the same, interspersed with observations on parenting, politics, and bad customer service.

Big thanks to Gail Emerson (AKA gailem) for her guest posts in August.

Image, by Flikr user Lastaii, shows red and black blackberries growing on a bush. Used under a Creative Commons License.