New Fiction Editor

Sadly, Jolene Tan is stepping down from her role as TFW’s Fiction Editor. We’re all incredibly grateful for her hard work on this section, and are very glad that she’s staying involved with the site as a whole. Thank you, Jolene!

Carrie Dunn is taking over as fiction editor with immediate effect.

Carrie has been part of the TFW team since 2007. She studied English Literature and Language at King’s College London, graduating with an MA in 2003, and her university career fuelled her penchant for tragic three-volume Victorian novels and sensation fiction.

Her own books include ‘A Brief History of Mothers in Fiction’, published in 2012, a feminist exploration of some of the most well-known book characters and their motivations, from Juliet’s mother to Jo Bettany Maynard of The Chalet School series.

She’s keen to create on TFW a hub for reviews of contemporary feminist fiction, but also feminist takes on other modern and not-so-modern literature, and is really looking forward to working with the team, just as we are looking forward to working with her!

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