Weekly round up and open thread


Hello and welcome to this rather delayed edition of The F-Word’s weekly round-up. As usual, what follows is a collection of things that we’ve plucked from the furthest branches of the internet for your delectation. Or, as it’s otherwise known, some of the things that happened on the internet in the past week.

Also as usual, linking doesn’t imply endorsement.

Click responsibly.

How feminism became capitalism’s handmaiden – and how to reclaim it (The Guardian)

Reports of rape have become more common than robbery, say Police Scotland (The Herald)

Charlotte Church attacks ‘sexist’ music industry (BBC)

And more on the same story from The Manchester Evening News

Diary: A text from Theresa May’s Border Agency. Get out of the country. LOL (The Guardian)

Mezz Club, Leeds: Stop hosting club night ‘Tequila’

London letting agents ‘refuse black tenants’ (BBC)

The patriarchy’s greatest victory (Days Like Crazy Paving)

Rachel Reeves is clear: Labour would set the struggling against the poorest (The Guardian)

Bodies double as cash machines with US income lagging (Bloomberg)

Cigarettes out, fresh fruit in: the changing face of the Red Cross parcel (The Telegraph)

Can conversations about women in pop move beyond a binary of agency or exploitation? (openDemocracy)

On Benefits and Proud: The show where ‘deserving taxpayers’ stalk ‘proud benefit claimants’ (New Statesman)

Fox Nation touts fake story about transgender student harassing girls In school bathroom (Media Matters)

I am not a woman in tech (Medium)

Okay, feminism, it’s time we had a talk about empathy (Medium)

“They didn’t let me talk” – Honest Lies panel event (Storify)

Calling all female journalists: here’s what a writing prize means (The Telegraph)

Let’s play a little game called “bad tab, good tab” (The Hairpin)

Gandhi used his position to sexually exploit young women. The way WE react to this matters even today (Youth Ki Awaaz)

Safety advice and victim blaming – an open letter to my local police force (Sian and the crooked rib)

Shadow minister Gloria De Piero asks press to ‘call off hunt’ for topless photos (The Guardian)

Why I wear the niqab (full face veil) (Mumsnet)

Calling all well-meaning white feminists (Left at the Lights)

Sexist language: it’s every man for him or herself (The Guardian)

El Salvador: Where women may be jailed for miscarrying (BBC)

“But what about The Sex?”: asexuality, relationships, and the metaphorical cake (The Asexual Agenda)

Searching for Gloria de Piero’s topless pics? Breasts are either shameful or not – make up your minds (The Independent)

Faith schools are ‘most ethnically segregated schools in English education system’ (The Independent)

Feminist progress report: Steubenville 2.0 and black comedians don’t exist (Feminspire)

Dear David Cameron – An open letter thanking the PM for his heating advice (Scriptonite Daily)

Spending on DLA and PIP will be cut next year, says new disability minister (Disability News Service)

Todd Kincannon, former executive director of South Carolina GOP, believes transgender people should be ‘put in a camp’ (Huffington Post, CW for transphobic hate speech)

Harvest horror (Barefoot Blog)

Powerful ads use real Google searches to show the scope of sexism worldwide (Adweek)

Four ways trans people are changing the gender/tech debate (VentureBeat)

HRC, NCTE call on CDC to investigate denial of breast cancer screenings to transgender women (GLBTNN)

In pictures: Leeds students take to the streets against ‘freshers violation’ club (The Independent)

YOUR HELP REQUESTED: HRC condemns fake trans harassment charges, ex-gay group dodges my fact checking, family & friends open up (Transadvocate)

The Rapeability Checklist and why it matters (Glosswatch)

Femicide – naming the problem? (Karen Ingala Smith)

“The politics of the SWP crisis”-a response (International Socialism)

Fearless … and topless: Femen activists to bring ‘sextremism’ to the UK (The Guardian)

Chrysalis network lures children to be sexually abused on Sexwork4u website (Ruth Jacobs)

Policing village moral codes as women stream to India’s cities (Today)

White feminist fatigue syndrome (Critical Legal Thinking)

There is no anarchism without feminism (Left at the Lights)

The Eloquent Woman index of famous women’s speeches

Celebrating Ada Lovelace day (Women’s views on news)

Sultan of Brunei introduces tough Islamic laws (Channel NewsAsia)

The Prince is Actually a Female (and other gender misconceptions) (Bones Don’t Lie)

Wikipedia goes all-in on transphobia (Philip Sandifer)

Photo of giraffes author’s own