Feminist connections

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More than half of the UK population use Facebook, a similar number have a Twitter account, and one in five of us uses the more professional-oriented LinkedIn. Add Pinterest, Google+ and others to the list and it becomes clear that we won’t be abandoning our social networks any time soon.

This means that you will be undoubtedly pleased to know that if you can’t get enough of Facebook or you’re awaiting the next feminist Pin with anticipation, you can find The F-Word on your favourite social sites.

We are on Twitter @thefworduk. We have just gone above 22,000 followers, which is amazing, and we tweet every new post that goes up on the site as well as any news or stories that catch our eye, mixed in with retweets from people we follow or who get in touch. Also, if you want to check out the Twitter accounts of our bloggers and editors, you can find a list of everyone here. From there you can either follow people individually or subscribe to the list, which will be updated if our membership changes.

You can “like” our Facebook Page here, where all new updates on the site get posted, plus any other things we spot that we think feminists might be interested in. You can also follow us on LinkedIn if that’s your network of choice.

On our Pinterest pin board we post feminist images, quotes, links and cartoons.

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I co-ordinate the social media end of The F-Word, as one of my tasks as a member of the blogging collective, and Laura runs our Facebook Page. Probably one of the most successful “brilliant”* ideas (*loads more work than I anticipated) I have carried out was to co-ordinate a list, now 616 people long, of Twitter users hoping to find kindred spirits based on the feminist, political and social interests they might share. So if you want to join the list to add yourself as someone with a particular interest in abortion rights, local government, PCOS, street harassment or zines, amongst many, many other topics in between, fill in this form here.

After you’ve done that, navigate over to this page, where you can see every other respondents’ interests and follow them accordingly.

The idea for the “find Twitter feminists based on shared interests” project came from an attempt I had previously carried out to try to unite feminists within particular geographical areas. Brighton Feminist Network was founded based on this specific project, however it was not sustainable as an ongoing piece of work, so the list as it stands is not going to be updated. If there is sufficient interest, I can take what I learned from implementing the “shared interests” work and re-do the “find Twitter feminists based on geographical location” idea. If you would be interested in that, let me know in blog comments here, or on Twitter @thefworduk, so I can gauge if people would use it.

In the meantime please do follow, pin, like, retweet, repin, reply to us, and generally don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us wherever you can find us on these platforms.

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