UnderWire festival at The Yard Theatre: 19-23 November


Fourth edition of UnderWire film festival kicks off on Tuesday 19 November at the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick, East London.

You are invited to join the organisers for a drink from 6:30pm onwards and head off later to the opening night screening of the XX Award, a line up of five films with female characters at their heart. You’ll get a chance to meet Kaz, a charismatic Cockney member of staff in the launderette on Blackstock Road in North London; Linda, an unrelenting motorbike midwife from Ghana; the farmer’s wife from remote Yorkshire; a disturbed woman recovering from a personal tragedy, all too fresh; energetic and uncompromising members of pop performance group Frank Chickens (below).

The festival, celebrating the work of women Frank Chickens 1.jpgfilm creatives across a range of crafts – from director to cinematographer, screenwriter to editor, is running until 23 November with a programme fully packed with screenings and industry sessions. This year’s highlights include:

  • a panel Synch: Matching Music to Pictures on Wednesday 20th November, exploring the reality of being a working film composer. UnderWire 2011 winner, Victoria Wijeratne, will be talking about her working practice, the relationship between director and composer and her advice for anyone trying to break into the industry;
  • Leading Ladies (Thursday 21st November): a full programme of shorts screenings including our Leading Ladies Programme. This line-up of seven short films showcases performances from some of the best new acting talent in the UK, all nominated for this year’s Best Actor award;
  • Girls on Film on Saturday 23 November: a day of panel discussions focusing on the representation of women in film, including: The Bechdel Test: The Ugly Truth?; Act Your Age: Is there Space on Screen for Older Women?; Honest Lies: The Representation of Prostitution in Cinema; Is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl dead?

For more information and to get your tickets, please go to the festival’s website.

The images (UnderWire 2013 postcard and a still from Frank Chickens) courtesy of UnderWire.