Dublin improv tonight!

Erin Hug just wants to follow her dream to open a wig store, but Pearl O’Rourke is having none of it.

Welcome back, F Word comedy fans! Here’s to a funny 2014!

In our first review of the year, Jessamyn Fairfield recommends Tumbleweed’s longform improv. Luckily for you if you’re in Dublin, Tumbleweed are putting a show on tonight, upstairs in the Wellington Pub, on Baggot Street in Dublin, with doors opening at 8:30 pm.

This photo, courtesy of Keven Handy, shows three casually dressed young women performing on stage in the following scene: Two young women sit side by side, one looks tearful, the other defiant, as they argue about wigs.

You may be familiar with short form improv games, but what’s the difference between longform and short form? I’ll hand over to Jessamyn:

Longform improv is capable of more complexity and, often, deeper laughs. In longform improv, the scenes are just that: scenes inspired by an audience suggestion. They may be interconnected with an explicit format, for example in one called the Harold where certain scenes are revisited in a certain order. Or they may flow more freely, sometimes connecting up, sometimes staying separate and complementary. In longform, the characters and stories take centre stage.

To read more, check out her full review, and follow Tumbleweed on Facebook.

Feature photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash. It shows the word “laugh” in orange neon letters against a brick wall.