Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s round-up of interesting and thought- or rage-provoking news and views. As usual, linking does not imply endorsement of the content of the article or website in question. We are unable to provide content notes for every link, so please exercise caution when clicking, as some content may be upsetting or triggering.

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Man lasts two hours pretending to be a woman on an online dating site (Daily Life)

Home Office staff rewarded with gift vouchers for fighting off asylum cases (Guardian)

Woman’s safety worth £50 – yet steal meat and Go To Jail! (jaynnelinney)

Stop writing sex when you mean rape (Women’s Views on News)

Nigeria’s anti-gay laws: Homosexuals rounded up and beaten, rights groups claim (Independent)

Gay Olympians need our support to challenge Russia’s homophobia (Guardian, Cif)

A third of senior executives doubt the value of women in the boardroom (HR Review)

This is what I mean when I say “White Feminism” (Batty Mamzelle)

Children of domestic abuse victims increasingly being taken into care (Guardian)

The Lib Dems’ women trouble will not go away (Guardian, Cif)

Douglas Hurd seems worried feminism might mean there are too many women in politics. So we did the maths. (ampp3d)

Mental health crisis looms for gay teenagers (Independent)

Defence of marital coercion used by Vicky Pryce to be abolished (Guardian, Law)

Russell Brand’s ‘love of a good woman’ is not what feminism needs (Guardian, Cif)

5 efforts towards creating a feminist classroom (Everyday Feminism)

Did Woody Allen molest his adopted daughter 22 years ago? (Slate reviews the evidence)

Selling shame: 40 outrageous vintage ads any woman would find offensive (Collectors Weekly)

American Apparel’s mannequins sport the latest accessory: pubic hair (Telegraph)

Yes, you can have a Chinese girlfriend and still be racist (Guardian, Cif)

[CN for this and the next link: suicide, transphobia] Is it OK for a journalist to reveal the birth gender of a trans person? (Vice)

Dr V, Caleb Hannan, and Grantland (Beautiful, Terrible, and Strange)

Mariana Popa was killed working as a prostitute. Are the police to blame? (Guardian)

Judge in rape case rules ‘no’ means ‘yes’ (I Acknowledge)

CeCe McDonald on her time in prison: ‘I felt like they wanted me to hate myself as a trans woman’ (Salon)

A morning of clinic escorting – Jan 18th, 2014 (Rachel Goldfarb on escorting women and girls through anti-abortion protesters outside a New York women’s health clinic)

A step by step guide through Jared Leto’s trans ignorance (transhollywood)

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