New review: Unleashing the chick-lit tiger, by Aniqah Choudhri

I have a confession to make. I used to love reading chick-lit. But British chick-lit has the reputation of being full of stories of white middle-class women working in the City and finding their one true love who happens to be a banker or a corporate lawyer. I sickened of this Middle England reading diet a few years ago, assuming this was all there was.

lily la tigresse.JPG

So I was intrigued when I came to review Lily La Tigresse, by Alona Kimhi, which is described as chick-lit taking inspiration from Angela Carter and classic horror movies. Lily La Tigresse opens its jaws and swallows you whole from the very first page when the female protagonist runs a decadently luxurious bath and masturbates to the sound of Schubert and noise from the street.

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