Ella Harris playing Annie Wilde in Red Ladder Theatre's production of Wrong 'Un. Directed by Justin Audibert and written by Boff Whalley it tells the story of suffragette Annie whose brother she persuaded to go to fight in the trenches of the First World War.

New review: Wrong ‘Un

Recently, plays that tell the stories of the struggle for equal rights in the UK seem to have become fashionable. In the last several months, we’ve reviewed Blue Stockings at The Globe and Oxygen as it toured: both tales of women in the late 1800s/early 1900s who were attempting simply to gain equality with men in the eyes of the law. There have been others too, as various feminist centenaries roll past.

Wrong ‘Un is another such play, this time a one woman performance. However, Jane Duffus still believes it is a useful addition to the theatrical repertoire.

While Annie’s journey from the mill to the suffrage frontline is a story that’s been told many times over the past century, it doesn’t lessen the importance and significance of it and we should keep hearing it until we finally have the equal rights that our foremothers started the fight for in the mid-1800s. We should remind ourselves of the women who helped us achieve the equality we’ve strived for for a miserably long time.

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The photo, taken by Tim Smith, shows Ella Harris as Annie Wilde looking at a piece of paper with writing on it while holding a cup in the other hand.