Weekly round-up and open thread, 24 Feb 2014

Hi everyone

Weekly round-up and open thread is here. Below you’ll find links to content we came across but didn’t have a chance to blog about. We don’t agree with everything we link to, and some of it might be triggering so do take care. As always, feel free to add more links to interesting content you have been reading or start a conversation about anything feminist-y on your mind, via the comments.

Not the marrying kind: ‘A Modern Girl’s Guide to Sex and Love’ (Independent)

How Cissexist Partiarchy Works (Alien She)

Meet the Woman Who Straight-Up Rocks a Beard (jezebel)

Police officers ‘called teenager a ‘f******’ slag’ after she made a domestic violence complaint (Independent)

Homeless mothers to protest at City Hall (Inside Housing)

It’s the cumulative impact of benefit cuts that is shocking (Guardian, CiF)

A first for conservative Saudi Arabia: a female newspaper editor (CNN)

The Cult of Pornography – A Black Feminist Perspective (Black Feminists)

Women should try cheerleading and ballet, says sports minister (Guardian, Life and style)

Rise in children on adult mental health wards ‘absolutely abhorrent’ (politics.co.uk)

LGBT youth support group founder not guilty of promoting homosexuality, court says (Queer Russia)

Duplicitous or £9 notes…? (UnCommon Sense)

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race (Reni Eddo Lodge)

You’ve got lesbian mums! (My Motherfull Family)

Don’t get mad, get even: Paris Lees responds to Julie Burchill’s attack about the concept of intersectionality (Independent)

“Why Won’t You Educate Me About Feminism?” (The Belle Jar)

Cambridge academics call for more women professors (BBC)

The blatant sexual harassment scarring our university students (Guardian)

Cash-strapped older women are forced back to work (Guardian, Life and style)

Women Stand at the Frontlines of the Euromaidan Protest in Kiev (Elle)

Feminism can save France from Islam: that’s the real message of Majorité Opprimée (Guardian)

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers (Telegraph)

Enough talk about intersectionality. Let’s get on with it (openDemocracy)

Portraits of One Person as Two Genders (slate)

Women in academia: what does it take to reach the top? (Guardian professional)

Why progress in women’s rights has been compromised (Guardian)

If Europe votes for the ‘Swedish model’ on prostitution, women will be at risk (Guardian, CiF)

Image of a red microphone, by sparetomato, shared under a Creative Commons license