UK feminist groups: get yourself listed!


It is difficult to find an accurate and up-to-date list of active feminist groups in the UK, and even where there is information, it is often incomplete. I thought it was time something was done about that.

I am aiming to compile a current, informative list so that people in the UK looking for feminist groups, events and meetings can find out about any organisations or meetings local to them, and can learn a little about the group and its aims and goals. It will also provide relevant information about accessibility and inclusion.

If you are involved with a feminist group or women’s group in the UK, please fill out the form below to submit your information to be included in the listing. Please also share the link to this post with your contacts so that we can gather the most complete information possible. In case the embedded form, below, is not working correctly, you can also fill out the same form at this link.

[The image is a photograph of the lighthouse at the harbour in Scarborough. I took the photo myself and it is made available under a Creative Commons Licence]