Weekly round up and open thread


Welcome to your weekly round up of interesting stories from the last seven days, as selected by members of The F-Word’s editorial collective. Please feel free to share anything we might have missed in comments…

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Please use reasonable caution when clicking, some stories may be triggering.

7 women in Ukraine share their stories from the front line of the revolution (Elle)

Women prisoners ‘coerced into sex with staff’ (BBC)

New record lows in teen pregnancy rate (The Guardian)

Benefit cuts explicitly linked to mental health problems (The Guardian)

Central American women put their lives on the line for human rights (The Guardian)

What else should I be? All apologies. What else should I say? Everyone is gay… (Lisybabe’s Blog)

Congo Stigmata: The day Ensler crucified herself (Feminist Times)

How to determine if your religious liberty is being threatened in 10 quick questions (Huffington Post)

Domestic violence ‘wake-up call’ issued by watchdog (BBC)

Activists cry foul as Ugandan women are stripped in streets (Voice of America)

‘Whore phobia’ and Ashton Kutcher’s creepy PSA: The problem with banning prostitution (Salon)

Slut-shaming and the Duke porn star: how can a lone woman still be heard? (The Guardian)

Government, not disability, makes us vulnerable. That’s why we fight the cuts (The Guardian)

UK spy agency intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users (The Guardian)

Despite opposition, Parliament takes stock of LGBT equality in new report (European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT Rights – press release)

How foreign governments hurt not help LGBTQI rights (New Left Project)

Why Health At Every Size doesn’t work for me (s.e. smith)

A victory for Mary Honeyball but a defeat for human rights, evidence-based policy and dignified political debate (Huffington Post)

Women should not accept street harassment as ‘just a compliment’ (The Guardian)

Female masturbation comes into its own in pop music (The Guardian)

The Swedish model criminalising the purchase of sex Is dangerous: the European Parliament should have rejected it (Huffington Post)

Are Google Doodles sexist and racist? Report says the graphics under-represent women and favour white men (The Independent)

Minister apologises after woman in coma was told to find work (The Guardian)

Michael Gove agrees to write to schools over female genital mutilation (The Guardian)

Fears over decision to remove homeless single mother from housing list (The Guardian)

As many as a third of women strippers ‘are students trying to pay for their education’ (The Independent)

Piers Morgan, sex work and feminism: transgender activist Janet Mock unloads (The Telegraph)

Isabel Allende set to become Chile’s first female senate leader (France24)

Page 3 on a train (Not The News In Briefs)

Assam’s modern slaves: the real price of a cup of Tetley tea – video (The Guardian)

100 LGBTQ black women you should know (Autostraddle)

Why Pourriat’s movie Majority Oppressed is a classical spectacle of ‘feminist infighting’ (Khurpi)

Tales of school sexism from a 10 year old

The dash is the best (Intelligent Life)

Ugandan Women’s Network (Facebook)

Newham council walks out of public meeting to avoid Focus E15 mums protest (Kate Belgrave)

Exclusive: Rape of vulnerable women ‘has been effectively decriminalised’ (The Independent)

Pistorius and Paddy Power – making a killing at the betting shop (Everyday Victim Blaming)

I am tired of hearing programmers defend gender essentialism (s.e. smith)

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