Weekly round up and open thread


Hello and welcome to the weekly round up! Much as we’d like to, we don’t always find the time to blog about all the interesting things we read/see/come across. So, here are some links The F-Word collective chanced upon last week.

Please note a link does not imply endorsement and that some content might be triggering, so please exercise caution.

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Poor taking items back to food banks as they can’t afford to cook, Oxfam claims (Independent)

Avery Edison on Toronto, travelling while trans* and how things can get complicated (She Does the City)

An Annotated Index of Ross Gellar (Shakesville)

Women radio presenters under pressure ‘to sound more like men’, says Mary Beard (Independent)

The fetishisation of Lupita Nyong’o (Black Feminists)

‘It’s only a joke’: How far is too far in comedy? (The Telegraph)

Reaching Out to Save (and Sustain) Scarleteen (Miss Mary Max)

Why abortion is still the secret that women won’t reveal to their friends (Independent Ireland)

I Am Not Your Poster Child (Gender Terror)

A Step by Step Guide Through Jared Leto’s Trans Ignorance (Trans Hollywood)

The Racist Things You’ve Been Saying in Class? Harvard’s Black Students Heard You (Colorlines)

Not Bringing Charges Doesn’t Mean an Accusation Was False (Melhoukia)

The Overwhelming Heteronormativity of ‘Born This Way’ (Consider the Teacosy)

Women hold up half the sky (Harpy Marx)

In which I review a book that I read: Playing the Whore (Stavvers)

Danish government proposes free access to legal change of gender (ILGA Europe)

Not ‘gay’ enough for gay bars (Diva Mag)

Abolishing the Independent Living Fund (Touch Stone)

Reframing the conversation about domestic and sexual violence and abuse (A Room of Our Own)

Welcome to Paradise (Telegraph)

Street Harassment – a response to Paris Lees in Vice (Sian and Crooked Rib)

Prostitution: Caveat emptor (The Economist)

Why Did the BBC photoshop Patty Hopkins out of this Photo? (Arch Daily)

British Pregnancy Advice Service fined £200k for Anon hack, data protection breaches (The Register)

Feminist Street Art collected in honour of IWD (Urban Times)

Say Yes to Success (Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation)

Nazis Come to Power for the First Time Since World War II: Where is the Outrage? (iacknowledge)

New attack on HTTPS crypto might reveal if you’re pregnant or have cancer (Ars Technica)

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary (BBC)

Triggered (Shakesville)

Paddy Power’s Oscar Pistorius ad to be pulled after record 5,200 complaints (The Guardian)

Violence against women: an EU-wide survey. Main results report (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights)

Hull’s Rape Crisis centre faces closure as staff given redundancy notices (Hull Daily Mail)

All hail the vampire-archy: what Mark Fisher gets wrong in ‘Exiting the vampire castle’ (open Democracy) (This link is from 2013 but interesting nevertheless.)

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