Weekly round-up and open thread

Happy long weekend!

Here is a list of links we found interesting over the past week. Linking does not necessarily mean endorsement. If you’re sensitive to triggers please tread carefully.

1. Malta: Douze Points! First Constitution in Europe to Name Gender Identity (TGEU Statement)

2. CN: Abuse of asylum seekers (Open Democracy)

3. The defiant life of Valerie Solanas (After Ellen)

4. Anonymity for rape defendants – bad idea in 1975, 2010 and now (Ending Victimisation and Blame)

5. UN denounces UK’s ‘boys’ club sexist culture’ (ITV)

6. Lawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal sex slave in the Duggar family’s movement (The Raw Story)

7. Dispatches: Kyrgyzstan Picks Homophobic Bill Over Europe Ties (Human Rights Watch)

8. The Quest for Brown Foundation (Bad Housekeeping)

9. Britain’s hunger crisis: One million food parcels handed out despite UK having sixth richest economy (Mirror)

10. Running (My tights won’t stay up)

11. ‘Coming Out’ Doesn’t Begin to Describe It: Message from a Trans Survivor (The American Prospect)

12. The Ched Evans case shows that the “ruined life” narrative is just another way to blame the victim (The New Statesman)

13. Iran rape victim bound for gallows unless she changes story (The Telegraph)

14. Court-Martial Upheld Against Chelsea Manning (Courthouse News Service)

15. That Mail On Sunday Article Attacking Food Banks Just Made The Charity’s Donations Rise 500% (Buzzfeed)

Content note: The following contains verbatim reporting of transphobic slurs.

Jayne County, Transgender Icon, Allegedly Banned From Facebook For ‘Transphobic Slurs’ (Huffington Post)

The image attached to this post depicts graffiti on a wall. The graffiti illustrates a woman “shedding” her outside persona. Thanks Certo Xornal for the image!