Weekly round up and open thread

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Welcome to the weekly round up and open thread! These are links we came across but didn’t have time to blog about. As usual, please note that a link here does not imply endorsement and articles that may be trigerring have been marked as such below. If you came across something interesting, please feel free to add to the comments below. Have a good week!

WHO/UN interagency statement on involuntary or coerced sterilisation (OII Australia)

Maleficent is my home girl (Helen True)

What the Western Media Gets Completely Wrong About Honor Killings (Policy Mic)

The Sex Trade: Lies, the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ and Other Silencing Tactics (Huffington Post UK)

Tell us the truth about the children dumped in Galway’s mass graves (The Guardian, Cif)

Helen Mirren shouldn’t swear? What a load of bollocks, Quentin (The Guardian, Cif)

I scared a guy so badly after he groped me in a public park, he crapped in his pants (Reddit)

Our clothed bodies are not yours to strip bare (A Gentleman and a Scholar) (Note: References to transphobia)

My penis isn’t ‘unexpected’: it’s a trauma I live with every day (So so gay) (Note: References to transphobia and graphic descriptions of porn sex)

Assisted dying plan like telling disabled ‘it’s not worth being alive’ – Tanni Grey-Thompson (The Telegraph)

Rape summit in London sparks charge of ‘hypocrisy’ (The Guardian)

Exposed: Rise of Hitler-loving National Action group who want to ‘ethnically cleanse’ the UK (Mirror) (Note: Reference to extreme racist views)

Rwanda 20 years on: the tragic testimony of the children of rape (Lindsey Hilsum for The Observer) (Note: References to rape, violence against women and genocide)

The women reporters determined to cover World War Two (BBC)

The image is of multicoloured crochet flower brooches, uploaded by Flickr user Nicola Vaughan and shared under Creative Commons Licence.