Welcome to one of our June guest bloggers, Gemma Varnom!

3070333261_8299c49b72_b.jpegHello and welcome to Gemma Varnon, who is joining Sheena Vasani, guest blogging for The F-Word throughout the month of June:

Gemma Varnom is a writer who spends her free time reading gloriously lowbrow literature, singing very loudly in foreign languages and shouting at Tories on the telly.

Also, she can’t see very well. (And no, she hasn’t just forgotten her glasses.)

She’ll be writing posts about her life as a visually impaired woman and a feminist which she hopes will raise a few tough questions, kick off some much-needed debate and prove ‘inspirational’ to precisely no-one.

You can talk to her on Twitter @varnomdeplume.

Look out for her posts in the days and weeks to come!

Photo of a welcome sign hung on a wall. Welcome is written in German and there are three hearts underneath. Photo by Mihai-ela, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license