Weekly round up and open thread


Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread! This is a collection of links that we’ve come across that are interesting but not been able to blog about. Linking doesn’t imply endorsement – sometimes these are links to things that we find frustrating, as well as ones we find inspiring or thought-provoking! We also try to highlight potentially triggering links but all should be approached with caution.

Feel free to use the comments to talk about these links or anything else you’ve come across this week.

Accused rapists would have to prove consent in law reversal proposed by New Zealand politicians (The Independent)

Mentally ill people need to be helped, not hounded (The Guardian)

Jack Halberstam’s Flying Circus: on postmodernism and the scapegoating of trans women (Feministing)

French Senate’s special commission rejects criminalisation of clients (International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe)

Trigger warning breakfast: The morning after I was raped, I thought I could create another story (Medium) Trigger warning

How a 16-year-old rape victim becomes an Internet meme (The Washington Post) Trigger warning

ACAB is a feminist issue (Another Angry Woman)

Forced treatment for depression is beyond satire (Left Eye Right Eye)

The image shows nine ducks of swimming together in a photo by me, available for use under a Creative Commons Licence.