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Devastated families face eviction after Britain’s richest MP buys housing estate and hikes up rent (Mirror)

Robin Thicke trolled after #AskThicke Twitter publicity stunt goes horribly wrong (Independent)

Meet The Pink Helmet Posse, The 6 Year Olds Who Skate Better Than You (Konbini)

Assisted Suicide: Stop it before it starts! Join us 18th July London! (Disabled People Against the Cuts)

While we fight for human rights for assistance in life, support and independent living, against devastating cuts we have a Bill suggesting people need assisted suicide. In a time when the NHS is being decimated when social care is being decimated, and the ILF is facing closure- is the only assistance we’ll get for suicide?

Couples with learning disabilities face unfair wedding bar (Guardian)

Harvard’s Female Prez Shuts Down Meeting on Rape (Women’s e-News)

Stuff magazine drops cover models as research shows they alienate readers (Guardian)

American Hero Proves White Men Have No Sense Of Humor (The Toast)

Modern-day slavery? Shopping mall in Singapore found to be selling housemaids like commodities (Independent)

Class vs. Race how the liberal elite just don’t get it (Media Diversified)

Black Caribbean pupils are still four times as likely to be permanently excluded from school as White British pupils. There is still a culture of teachers having lower expectations of black children relative to their white or Asian counterparts. At the heart of racism is ignorance and fear, this is what is behind teacher’s expectations of young black people.

Denmark becomes the first European country to allow legal change of gender without clinical diagnosis (ILGA Europe)

Beware the stark warning to women in the Sun’s Magaluf ‘investigation’ (Guardian, CiF)

Study: Children raised by same-sex parents are ‘healthier and happier’ (Pink News)

18 Empowering Illustrations to Remind Everyone Who’s Really in Charge of Women’s Bodies (Identities.Mic, illustrations by Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti)


Hair does not make the woman, Sarah Ditum (The Transadvocate)

Sarah Ditum’s bizarre sexualized description of Cox photo degrades her personhood. In this respect, Ditum hypocritically commits the crime I once relegated only to straw-feminists, of shaming “the pretty girls” as if doing so elevates the rest of us.

Rolf Harris: Vanessa Feltz and Linda Nolan claim entertainer groped them ‘live on TV and backstage at concert’ (Independent)

Women everywhere have their movement limited by the male gaze (openDemocracy)

Women change their lives to avoid street harassment, and the exertion of power wins. It’s a declaration of entitlement, as gendered as it is frequent. If you are read as female, you’re fair game.

Exclusive: Labour to end ‘culture of defeatism’ over rape convictions (Independent)

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