Welcome another guest blogger for September!

As we say goodbye to August and hello to September (it’s September already!), we welcome new monthly bloggers. Chella said thank you to the August bloggers – Abigael Watson and Mag the Blag – and welcomed G* as our September blogger.

I’m pleased to announce, following confirmation yesterday, that we will also have D.T. Dragon blogging for us this month. Here’s more about D.T. Dragon

D.T. Dragon is an eccentrically English cat slave who lives under castle ruins in the Midlands. A supporter of diversity – they drink both tea and coffee, have equal ability in environmental science and photography, and alternate between a long hero coat and belly dance outfits – it is no surprise their fiction muse is a great believer in the unlikely coming together. When not writing, D.T. Dragon campaigns for equality, the environment and the community… Something has to occupy their time as an aromantic asexual!

Welcome D.T. Dragon – look forward to your posts!

The image shows a wooden bench with green and red bushes and trees surrounding it, a bit of sunshine can be seen on the trees and the bench. It was uploaded on Flickr by JR P and has been used under the Creative Commons Licence.