New review: BornRisky

During an ad break in last Sunday’s X Factor final, just after Ben Haenow had flashed his best spaniel-eyes at the camera and reminded us what a normal bloke he is for the 84th time, our screens were apparently “invaded” by Channel 4’s BornRisky initiative.

“Forget what you know about disability,” the blurb in the build-up said. (This, for me as a disabled person, would take a bit longer than your average ITV ad break, but then I am not really the target audience.)

There followed a promo for ‘Prototype’ by Viktoria Modesta, “the world’s first bionic pop artist” and BornRisky collaborator. Modesta, a DJ, model and multimedia performance artist who chose to undertake a below-the-knee amputation at the age of 20, has, according to her website, “a mission of establishing new ideals in the media concerning sexuality and disability”.

In the full-length video, Modesta strides around in several impressive creations from The Alternative Limb Project — including a striking knee-high black spike — as she uses her difference to overthrow a totalitarian regime. A young girl watches a cartoon Viktoria on TV and, enraptured, tears the leg off her doll. A ‘VM’ symbol gives hope to the oppressed. She is subversion. She is defiance. She is the face (and body) of the revolution…

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Image Description:

Viktoria Modesta stands on her bionic leg (left) with her right leg bent to the side and a black ballet show on her foot. She wears a black ruffled net/tutu and black mask. Promotional image for ‘Prototype’ single and BornRisky campaign. Red background. Taken from the Viktoria Modesta website.