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Lana Del Rey and the language of the violent image (Pitchfork)

Lana del Rey is just the latest woman to be attacked by Eminem (The Guardian)

Why feminism needs trans people and sex workers (New Statesman)

Girl, 7, forces Tesco to take down ‘fun gift for boys’ sign (The Telegraph)

Dear white allies: stop unfriending white people over Ferguson (Spectra Speaks)

10 films I love about queer women of color (Bitch Magazine)

Taking beauty out of body positivity (Bitch Magazine)

On Ferguson protests, the destruction of things, and what violence really Is (and isn’t) (Black Girl Dangerous)

Six questions for feminist teacher Ilena Jimenez (NBC)

On white people’s solidarity and (not) marching For Mike Brown (Freequency)

How the hell can you privatise water?’ – when Harry Leslie Smith (91) met Owen Jones (30) (The Guardian)

Beyond cute children: the new transgender conversation (Overland)

“Thank you to everyone who took part in our selfie campaign and to those who raised pounds to support our work in ending gender related bullying!” (Stop Our Silence)

Northern Ireland: Women and health workers face 10 years in jail if abortion law change is successful (Amnesty International)

Yes all women but not really: how feminism leaves the disabled behind (Daily Beast)

Police took dying girl aged three to hospital after ambulance delay (The Telegraph)

A woman Is contacting the mothers of boys who send her rape threats on Facebook (Buzzfeed)

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