Weekly round-up and open thread

Hi everyone

I am so completely on leave from computers this week that I forgot to post this week’s round-up and open thread, so here it is a couple of days late with thanks to Megan for poking me!

Just a reminder that the links below aren’t any kind of endorsement from me or anyone else writing on this site, they’re just what somebody has been reading or saw over the past week and thought was worth highlighting in this post. We all send the person who is next going to do the round-up post any links we think should be included for them to collect and then post the following week. Please use some caution when clicking on links as some of the content you go through to could be triggering and I haven’t read the articles myself so can’t always fully advise if not obvious from a quick scan or judging from the title.

If you’re marking the end of the 2014 calendar today, I hope the process is useful and uplifting for you. Any reflections you want to share are most welcome in the thread below. It’s been a challenging year, politically, for me personally and for the communities I’m a part of and/or an ally to. But there have also been some moments of inspiration and joy. I face 2015 with some anticipation, and as ever in solidarity and struggle as best I currently know how. See you there.

Photo of an iron-looking sun dial casting a 5 o’clock shadow, by Indigo Skies Photography, shared under a Creative Commons license