Weekly round up and open thread

Welcome, welcome. It’s the weekly round-up of things that have happened, and open thread. Usual disclaimers apply!


I’m an atheist, but I have no interest in joining your ‘movement’ (The Guardian)

The nagging wife: symptom or cause? (Hannah Mudge)

It’s not just Björk: Women are tired of not getting credit for their own music (Slate)

Bjork calls out sexism in the music industry (Bitch Magazine)

Interview: women unequal under Lebanon’s law (Human Rights Watch)

‘No jerks, cops or oppressive behaviour’: music’s new wave of queer festivals (The Guardian)

Jobcentre to claimants: if you want benefits help, ask the local group that campaigns against us (Kate Belgrave)

Next on Black Mirror (The Toast)

Our ‘impartial’ broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite (The Guardian)

A step too far: how retailers are losing disabled customers (AOL Money)

What having two mums taught me about feminism (My Motherfull Family)

‘Girl On Girl: a film about lesbian visibility’ seeks funding through Indiegogo (HuffPo)

The This Girl Can campaign is all about sex, not sport (The Guardian)

Someone stole naked pictures of me. This is what I did about it – video (The Guardian)

Menstruation: the last great sporting taboo (The Guardian)

For Homeless Women, Having a Period Isn’t a Hassle – It’s a Nightmare (Vice)

‘Imitation trans awareness poster reveals ignorance of creators’ (The Telegraph)

I won’t fear Muslims (Salon)

Photo by Liz Henry on Flickr, shows the cover of issue 2 of ‘Period: The Zine’. The cover is a line drawing of someone in a bath, possibly with period blood? Shared on Flickr under a creative commons license