Weekly round-up and open thread


Hi All!

It’s the weekly round-up and open thread. Can you believe January is over and we’re now in February?

Just remember, linking here does not mean endorsement.

Reasons you were not promoted that our totally unrelated to gender (Timothy McSweeney)

Beyond R&B: 7 Women Fronting Rock Bands That You Should Know (The Culture which includes F-Word blogger Stephanie Phillips’ band, Big Joanie!)

New rape guidelines are welcome – if they’re actually followed (Guardian)

Is it time we agreed on a gender-neutral singular pronoun? (Guardian)

I Am Disabled and People Tell Me On a Regular Basis That They Would Rather Die Than Be Like Me (XoJane by former F-word collective member Philippa Willitts!)

Why Transparent creator Jill Soloway’s Facebook post hurts so much (Entirely Amelia)

Why are we looking to the entertainment industry for our feminist leaders (i-D Vice)

My happiness depends on you: giving voice to the unsung women of pop (Guardian)

Why the UFC is treating its female fighters better than (almost) any other sport (New Statesman)

Selfridges adopts gender-neutral labels (Pink News)

Lynne Segal: ‘The language of sex is still phallocentric’ (Guardian)

Kim Sears sexsm row: Why Andy Murray’s partner doesn’t deserve the ‘Kate Middleton of tennis’ rep (The Independent)

Kim Sears has been the true revelation from Australia, I swear (Yahoo Eurosport by former collective member Carrie Dunn!!)

The photo illustrates a gate and a wall. On the wall there is some graffiti illustrating a woman with long hair. Thanks Sheila Tostes for the photo! Used under the creative commons license.