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Saved by the bell hooks Tumblr as Great as It Sounds (Color Lines)

Women should worry less about being liked and more about being effective (Guardian)

Nostalgia Does Not Make “Saved by the Bell” Grow Sweeter (Bitch Magazine)

What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll (Guardian)

Yo Yo Honey Singh: The Indian student who took on ‘misogynist’ rapper (BBC)

In China, highly educated women are mocked as a sexless “third gender” (Quartz)

FGM: What is Female Genital Mutilation and why was the first doctor to stand trial in the UK acquitted? (Independent)

Check Out New Kids’ Book “Rad American Women A-Z” (Bitch Magazine)

The price I pay to write (Dame Magazine)

As a Jobcentre adviser, I got ‘brownie points’ for cruelty (Guardian)

Jacqueline Wilson interview: ‘People say my books are all sex and drugs, but I can’t remember any’ (Guardian)

Students See Male Professors As Brilliant Geniuses, Female Professors As Bossy And Annoying (Thinkprogress)

‘Secondary ticketing’ might be legal, but that doesn’t make it morally right (Guardian)

Almost 80% of UK Self-Employed Workers Living in Poverty (Newsweek)

Here is Missy Elliott Stealing Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show (Jezebel)

Why Doesn’t She Leave? Here’s What They Say (Jess at Women’s eNews)

$pread (book), edited by Audacia Ray, Eliyanna Kaiser & Rachel Aimee

$pread, an Utne award-winning magazine by and for sex workers, was independently published from 2005 to 2011. This collection features the enduring essays about sex work around the world, first-person stories that range from deeply traumatic to totally hilarious, analysis of media and culture, and fantastic original illustrations and photographs produced just for the magazine. The book also features the previously untold story of $pread and how it has built a wider audience in its posthumous years. What started as a community tool and trade magazine for the sex industry quickly emerged as the essential guide for people curious about sex work, for independent magazine enthusiasts, and for labor and civil rights activists.

Be Suspicious of the New Harper Lee Novel (Jezebel)

A Job at McDonalds Now Requires Singing and Dancing on Demand [US] (The Nation)

Russian lesbians stage selfie kiss plane protest (Guardian)

Women’s issues could decide this Saturday’s Delhi elections (Asiya at CityMetric) [More here.]

Selfies and sexism (this ain’t livin’)

Column: We could put Ireland at the forefront of trans recognition, so why don’t we? (The Journal)

Northern Ireland abortion law can be challenged, court rules (Irish Times)

And here are a few pieces we missed when they came out, but are still worth a look if you haven’t already:

A guide to respectful reporting and writing on sex work (Open Democracy)

Sex workers’ cooperative wins award (The Hindu)

The invisible women of the Civil Rights Movement (Newsworks)

Children Are Not Property: Respecting the Agency of Young Black Girls (For Harriet)

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