Weekly round-up and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are links that we have found that might interest you. If you have found anything that you think other readers will enjoy, please add links in the comments section below. As usual, please note that a link here doesn’t imply endorsement or agreement, and some links might be triggering.

11 Bisexual Girl Problems (SheWired)

The Disturbing Effect Our Beauty Standards Have on Women Across the World (Mic)

Black Trans History Is Inspirational (TransGriot)

Real Betis supporters’ vile chants prove we can’t continue to let sexism in football go unnoticed (The Offside Rule)

Trigger warning for violence against women, sexual assault

India’s Daughter: ‘I made a film on rape in India. Men’s brutal attitudes truly shocked me’ (Guardian)

The Black Renaissance is Here (Media Diversifued)

Women seeking asylum: closing the protection gap. Globally the British government is pushing for better protections for women, yet the same protections are unavailable to those seeking asylum. (Open Democracy)

Black British by V V Brown (Pride Magazine)

Someone Tell Me That I’ll Live: On Murder, Media, and Being a Trans Woman in 2015 (xojane)

Image shows three daffodil flowers against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. The daffodils have bright yellow trumpets and pale light yellow petals. Photo taken by Flickr user Anvica, used under a Creative Commons License.