Weekly round-up and open thread

Daffodils.jpgWelcome to the second Monday of March and The F-Word’s weekly round-up and open thread.

As always, these are just things we’ve found interesting this week. That doesn’t mean we endorse everything (or anything!) they say; feel free to celebrate or critique in the comments.

These are all links to external sites so although we try to post warnings where appropriate, please take care.

Home Office says Nigerian asylum-seeker can’t be a lesbian as she’s got children (The Independent)

Following on from my post a few weeks ago, hopefully changes to guidelines will start moving us away from horrendous judgements like this, but the comment from the Home Secretary’s barrister that “You can’t be a heterosexual one day and a lesbian the next day” perfectly demonstrates how far there is to go.

I Am the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ the Men in Your Life Talk About, And I Have a Few Things to Say… (That Pesky Feminist)

From the post: “Of course, you should be questioning any person who uses mental health slurs like ‘psycho’ and ‘crazy’ anyway (please), but I find there is something borderline abusive about its application in relationships especially in an existing unequal power dynamic like that between men and women.”

Geeky Women Talk About Superheroes, Science, And Sexism (Buzzfeed)

The boss of Reading and Leeds festivals says women are not marginalised. So why are so few on his bill? (The Guardian)

Campaign against sexism in football focuses on abuse of Chelsea doctor (The Guardian)

The Selective Amnesia Of ‘India’s Daughter’ – What The Film Conveniently Ignores! (Youth Ki Awaaz)

Pitting boys vs girls at school won’t close the gender gap (The Conversation)

The photo is by Shannon and is used under a creative commons licence. It shows several bright yellow daffodils growing outside. The trunk of a tree against a bright blue sky show in the background.