Your title here?

At The F-Word, we want to be a platform for feminist voices. We don’t think that there are only a handful of people who should represent feminists, or that the thing that best qualifies you to write about feminist views is your writing rather than your views. To this end, we regularly post content that comes from a wide range of people, not just the people on The F-Word team. We’re always looking out for posts from people we haven’t published before and are very keen to enable new writers and people who have experiences that are often under-represented (both in the mainstream media and on our site).

So it’s not a new thing for us to be looking for new writers. However, we’ve made a few changes around ways to contact us recently, so this is a post to let you know what you need to do if you want to contribute!

First up, this page is a good starting point if you’re interested in contributing – it outlines what posts on the site look like and might be helpful if you are wondering if an idea or article you have already will fit.

Secondly, you’ll need to work out who to contact. We have section editors, who edit reviews and features for the magazine, and content editors, who edit blog posts. You can see our emails there, or for some of the sections, there are Facebook groups you can join to hear about review opportunities or suggest things yourself.

For the blog, we are interested in hearing from people who have ideas for posts, but we also have monthly guest bloggers, who write for us over a month (unsurprisingly). That means they post several times, often with a loose theme but sometimes on a whole host of topics. Whether you are interested in just submitting one post or posting more regularly, the guest posts email address is the best place to start.

Finally, you can get in touch via our social media pages – we’re here on Facebook and we tweet @thefworduk. Not only are these great places to catch our latest posts and join in with discussions, but you can also message or tweet us with questions or ideas about contributing.

Hopefully I’ve covered everything, but you can always email [email protected] with any questions about contributing to the site – or you can comment here and we’ll respond!

The image by Janet Ramsden is used under a creative commons licence. Black and white, it shows a thin paintbrush and its initial stroke of black paint on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. The brush casts a shadow on the paper. The background is out of focus.