Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello and welcome to another weekly round-up and open thread. Hopefully the bank holiday today will give you more time than usual to have a browse through these links at your leisure!

March 31st marked International Transgender Day of Visibility and, although we may be a little late in celebrating, we have made sure to include some relevant links on issues relating to rights and acceptance of transgender people.

As usual, linking does not automatically mean agreement/endorsement from The F-Word and some links may be triggering.

The Trans Manifesto 2015: what do transgender people want from our politicians? (New Statesman)

Playlist: Trans Day of Visibility (Autostraddle)

These Trans People Are Taking Selfies To Celebrate Transgender Day Of Visibility (Buzzfeed)

It’s Trans Day of Visibility! Here’s 15 Ways To Let Trans People Know You See Them and Care (Autostraddle)

Note: this article is from last year but still very worth reading so we decided to include.

Female firefighter: ‘I battled fires and sexism in the Eighties. But I won’ (The Telegraph)

Privileged men are people too (Trinity News)

No means no: Kenya takes a stand against sexual assault (Collegian)

Instagram apologizes to woman for censoring her photo (NY Times Live)

Why the Sex Positive Movement is Bad for Sex Workers’ Rights (Audacia Ray)

3 Surprising Ways I Learned to Love Myself After a Lifetime of Being Ridiculed for My Looks (Everyday Feminism)

20 Years in Prison for Miscarrying? The Case of Purvi Patel & the Criminalization of Pregnancy (Democracy Now!)

The photo is by gaelx and is used under creative commons license. It depicts black graffiti on a plain white wall. The lettering is slightly smudged and reads ‘EVERY GIRL IS A RIOT GRRRL’ in block capitals. The lettering is accompanied by an image of a woman holding her arm up as if about to throw something. Her mouth is open as if shouting. She appears to be bare chested and may also be wearing a balaclava.