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Comment: Sex workers rights are not up for debate (Politics.co.uk)

Cisgender FemmeNist reflections on Trans* Justice: Moving from Adoration to Action (The Feminist Wire)

From the article: “We are in a cultural moment with unprecedented media visibility of trans* identities and lives. Cisgender people are increasingly becoming adoring fans of trans women of color celebrities such as Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. However, when these same fans (and advocates of gender freedom more broadly) do not then lend their concrete, material support for black trans women’s lives, this is equivalent to white fans donning the jerseys of their favorite African-American sports heroes but resisting the idea the Black Lives Matter.”

Being a Butch Woman Around Men Sure Would Be A Lot Easier Without the Patriarchy (Everyday Feminism)

People Are Super Pissed About The #BlameOneNotAll Campaign Which Thanks Men For Not Being Rapists (Buzzfeed)

Sheffield double amputee awarded £27,000 after failure in care (The Star)

The welfare state saved me. To need it isn’t a moral failure (The Guardian CiF)

From the article: “As a senior teacher and a writer for this publication, my income is such that I can afford life’s luxuries. I own my own home and car. I can afford meals out and holidays that take me further than Europe’s shores. I don’t have to face the daily humiliation of wondering if I have sent my children out into the world in clothing that reveals reduced circumstances, and with not much in their bellies. Note the agency in these sentences; I am one of the privileged few. Yet the woman I am today wouldn’t exist without the welfare state.”

The World Needs Female Rock Critics (The New Yorker)

Spare Rib goes digital: 21 years of radical feminist magazine put online (The Guardian)

From the article: “Spare Rib was radical, a magazine of its time. From the early 1970s through 21 years and 239 editions, it summed up an era still regarded as important for women’s liberation.

Now, thanks to an ambitious project by the British Library, the magazine is confined to the library shelf no more, but available online and for free to anyone after the digitisation of its entire run.”

We trust children to know what gender they are – until they go against the norm (The Conversation)

Menstruation Matters: A Guide to Menstrual Hygiene Day (Bitch)

One Statue Perfectly Captures Mansplaining (Huffington Post)

If You Think the Dad Bod Phenomenon Is Championing Body-Positivity, Think Again – Here Are 3 Big Reasons We Need to Stop Praising It Now (Everyday Feminism)

When Akala called out Britain’s racism on Frankie Boyle’s show (Africa is a Country)

I am a Snoop Dogg fan. That doesn’t make me less of a feminist (The Guardian CiF)

From the article: “Lyrics about bitches and whores are offensive – but a life without such contradictory pleasures would be boring, if not impossible”

Nicki Minaj’s Attitude to Sex Makes Her a Better Role Model than Davina Mccall (V.Point)

From the article: “This week, both Davina McCall and Nicki Minaj gave interviews discussing details of their sex lives – and the things they said were very different.”

Judith Butler addresses TERFs and the work of Sheila Jeffreys and Janice Raymond (The TERFs)

Women in France’s Pantheon? I propose Josephine Baker (The Guardian CiF)

From the article: “Baker, who was born in the US, and became a naturalised French citizen in 1937, is a hero of the French republic. During the second world war, she was recruited by French military intelligence and engaged as an ‘honorable correspondent’.”

These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point (Everyday Feminism)

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