September 2015 playlist


Greetings, dear readers! Please click here for your September 2015 playlist. You can also view the track-list and listen here.

As usual, I’ve included some new tracks (Sea Lion, Maribou State feat. Holly Walker, Chemical Brothers feat. Cate Le Bon) and some absolute classics (SHANNON!). On the very subject, I was shocked and dismayed to discover I’ve never included a Madonna track on any of my F-Word playlists. For shame! I was a huge Madonna fan as a kid and spent many happy hours watching The Immaculate Collection on video and learning the dance moves. ‘Open Your Heart’ is a brilliant track, accompanied by a video of Madonna looking badass. Check it out:

I only heard the Anushka track very recently and love its mellow vibe and bass line… the perfect track to see out the summer to. Alternately, the Cat Power track strikes me as a song more suited for the winter months, bleak as it is. Cat’s voice is sublime, but godamn she’s mournful.

While reminiscing to the Echobelly track (does anyone else remember watching them perform ‘Great Things’ on TOTP in, ooh, 1995?), I discovered this interview with front-woman Sonia Madan. I can’t work out to what extent journalist Emma Forrest is poking fun at the bullshit industry standards and restrictions on women in music and how much she’s towing the party line. Either way, it makes for an interesting historical read, if nothing else.


The picture at the top of the page is a black and white head and shoulders shot of Joan Armatrading performing onstage in 2005. Her eyes are squeezed tight in concentration. It’s a great shot. Image by Chris Boland, shared under a Creative Commons licence.