Weekly Round-up and Open Thread

It’s time for another round-up and this one includes everything from Labour’s Shadow Cabinet to Amber Rose’s “Walk of NO Shame”!

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Jeremy Corbyn just made his first mistakes – but he’s not a sexist (The Guardian)

Forcing sex workers into the hidden economy will not keep them safe (Quartz)

From the article: “In any industry, reducing demand doesn’t help workers,” Koster explains. “It reduces prices. It reduces the ability of survival sex workers to say no to people who might be violent, or to people who might want sexual services they don’t want to engage in, or to people who don’t want to use condoms.”

How narratives around violent women warp our view of female jihadis (The Conversation)

Femen’s topless condescension towards Muslim women only helps sexism (The Guardian)

I Had Cancer – And Medical Fat-Shaming Could Have Killed Me (Everyday Feminism)

I’m going grey – why is no one else? (Brown Girl Outside the Ring)

Fuck Your Feminist Porn (Tits and Sass)

From the article: “Here’s what my feminist porn looks like: independent models working the way they want to work; making money; and setting their own hours, limits, and standards. Major companies working to include models of all backgrounds, allowing models their limits without pressure, and respecting the labor rights laws that govern all industries. Unionizing workers with bosses, being paid overtime, and being treated with respect. Having a damn job to keep us going until the revolution happens.”

I’m a Fat Bulimic – Here’s Why the Idea of Loving My Body Feels Impossible for Me (Everyday Feminism)

Watch Amber Rose take a post-sex walk of no shame (Dazed Digital)

From the article: “The model struts through town in a Funny Or Die video in a bid to highlight why women shouldn’t feel embarrassed after a one night stand”

When a Feminist Trailblazer Turns to Victim-Blaming, It’s Time to Let Go of a Hero (Cosmopolitan)

From the article: “Susan Brownmiller made rape the subject of national conversation, but we owe it to victims of sexual assault to denounce her recent comments”

Richard Pryor: meltdown at the Hollywood Bowl (Guardian, extract from Becoming Richard Pryor by Scott Saul)

How My Three-Year-Old Daughter Taught Me To Stop Worrying And Embrace Pretty (Ravishly)

From the article: “”I grew up in Scotland in the ’80s and, even though my parents didn’t consciously identify as feminists, a certain brand of second-wave feminism permeated the specific middle-class culture that we belonged to: tomboys were praised and girly girls were looked down on […] Meanwhile, at school, I went around telling the girls in my class that their dresses and earrings were “silly” and “stupid” — the words I had learned to associate with all things girly…”

“What’s Academic About Fucking?”: In Defense of Porn at School (Kitty Stryker)

Why the suffragettes still matter: ‘they dared to act as the equals of men’ (The Guardian)

From the article: “They endured violence and cruelty to further the cause of votes and equality for women. Ahead of the release of the movie Suffragette, we asked writers to reflect on the meanings and modern relevance of the militants’ direct action”

The image is used under a creative commons license with thanks to Sabrina Krilic. It shows the model Amber Rose in profile with one hand raised to her head, which is slightly tilted back. A floral tattoo on her arm is visible and she is wearing a black strappy dress with, what appears to be, small spikes on the front of it. The model herself appears in black and white, but behind her is a vibrant background of roses depicted in orange, red, pink and yellow.

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