Ticket offer for readers: Three Generations of Women at the Greenwich Theatre, 2 March

The F-Word readers have been offered the opportunity to buy tickets for the Wednesday night performance of Three Generations of Women at the Greenwich Theatre at the special price of £10, discounted from £16 for full price tickets only. Tickets can be bought with the discount online or directly with Greenwich Theatre when quoting FEMSTORY.

About the play: In a process described as “the first time such a project has been undertaken” (The Independent on Sunday), Broken Leg Theatre have, over the past two years, invited women from around the UK to share their stories via an interactive website prompted by a series of questions such as “What is your best kept family secret?” and “What is the best piece of advice your grandmother gave you?” The response has been “incredible” says writer Anna Jefferson, with the website inundated with over 2000 testimonies from women whose ages stretch from 15 to 94, creating an online living archive. The writers, who wanted to explore how life has changed for women in Britain over the past century, have also worked with groups of women from city councils, universities, midwifery hospitals and retirement homes.

The outcome is a funny, heartwarming and sometimes poignant new piece of writing which gives a powerful and unusual insight into the fascinating dramas hidden in women’s real lives. The play centres around three women: Elsie who is born in a Yorkshire pit village in 1936 and will never know another way of life; Gilly the first woman in her family to go to university, enjoying every ounce of freedom the 1970s has to offer; and Frankie, who, in the present day, unwittingly sets into motion a chain of events that will uncover secrets the women in her family have long held buried.

The F-Word’s review of Three Generations of Women will appear in early March.

Images courtesy of Broken Leg Theatre.

The feature image is a black and white photograph of a young white woman with dark hair wearing a plaid shirt over a t-shirt. She is looking to the right with a questioning, alert and slightly disbelieving expression.

The image in the text is a black and white rehearsal shot showing four women sitting in a row. One woman’s head is turned away from the camera towards the other three who are looking at her. The three women with faces we can see are all white and of different ages.