Introducing May’s guest blogger

Emily Turner has been blogging for us throughout April; if you’ve enjoyed her posts, you can read more of her word at her blog or follow her @emilyjessturner.

Now as we move into May, we have Molly Arthurs blogging for us. Here’s a bit about them in their own words:

Molly is an LGBTIQA Activist and Campaigns coordinator for the Green Party. They are particularly interested in the rights of non-binary people within feminism, disability activism and sex worker’s rights. When they are not tweeting or blogging, Molly is a senior correspondent for and is studying to become a teacher of Classics. In their free time they are an amateur actress and like to write novels and watch musicals.

Molly has ME (myalgic encephelomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia which has a heavy impact on their daily life and mobility, and hopes to write in particular about disability within feminist movements. They politely request that you use they/them pronouns when referring to them.

I’m looking forward to reading Molly’s posts, which will be on the blog throughout the month. You can also follow them on Twitter @mollyarthurs.

Although we’ve selected all the monthly bloggers for the year, there are still lots of ways to contribute, with blog posts, features or reviews. Get in touch if you’re interested!

The image is by Jo Morcom and is used under a creative commons licence. It is a photograph of a pile of green bell peppers, neatly arranged in rows.