Introducing July’s guest blogger

Thanks so much to the A Level students who have been blogging for us throughout June; if you’ve enjoyed their posts, you can follow their teacher-coordinator @msnotmrsormiss.

Now as we move into July, we have Nicola blogging for us. Here’s her introduction:

Nicola is a 35-year-old mixed race woman of white British and black Jamaican and Nigerian descent. She has recently qualified as a therapeutic counsellor and enjoys writing on feminist and social issues. She is particularly interested in writing on gender and race. She has a personal blog and a feminist community on Facebook.

I can’t wait to read Nicola’s posts this month!

Although we’ve selected all the monthly bloggers for the year, there are still lots of ways to contribute, with blog posts, features or reviews. We’re also currently hiring for new editors. Get in touch if you’re interested!

The photo is in the public domain. It shows four deckchairs on a rocky beach facing the sea; three are green and white striped, one is blue and white striped. They are shot from behind. Four seagulls fly low over them.