Weekly round-up and open thread

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. Welcome to another weekly round-up, where we share (what we see as) the most interesting and important articles and essays from the previous seven days. We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the issues covered in our chosen links!

As always, linking to articles does not mean endorsement from the F-Word and certain links may be triggering. We welcome debate in the comments section and on Facebook/Twitter but remind readers that any comments containing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or disablist language will be deleted immediately.

If you notice that we’ve missed out any important articles from the past week, feel free to let us know.

One-Track Minds: Semenya, Chand & the Violence of Public Scrutiny (Medium)

Sexual harassment of students by university staff hidden by non-disclosure agreements (The Guardian)

France burkini: Highest court suspends ban (BBC)

First Lesbian TV Show In Kenya To Be Hosted By Two Popular Lesbian Celebrities (Kentv, via KESWA Kenya)

I’ve never drunk alcohol because I’ve never felt like it (The Pool)

Gold Medalist Caster Semenya Displays Grace Under Pressure (Advocate)

From the article: “…Semenya spoke up and pushed back on the invasive inquiry, saying, ‘Excuse me, my friend. Tonight is all about performance. We are not here to talk about IAAF and speculations. Tonight is all about performance. This press conference is all about the 800-meter we ran today. So, thank you.'”

This Irish Abortion Activist Has Been Fighting For Women’s Rights For Decades (Bustle)

Sarah Ahmed: resignation is a feminist issue (Feminist Killjoys)

Why I stopped following thin and beautiful white women on Instagram (The Pool)

Finally Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke are fronting a lingerie advert that we can actually relate to (The Independent)

Lena Dunham And Jemima Kirke Star In Unretouched Lingerie Campaign, Look Amazing — But There’s One Problem (Bust)

The image is used under a creative commons license with thanks to Jan Tik. It shows a landscape scene of the sea at sunset. Cliff faces are silhouetted against a stunning sky which runs from yellow at the horizon to dark blue further up. The sea below the cliffs shimmers with the light from the sky.