Introducing December’s guest blogger

horse-isabella-juskovaThanks so much to Jennifer Evans, who has been writing for us throughout November. You can follow her @todaysfeminist.

Now we’re in December and I’d like to welcome Emily Moore, our guest blogger this month. Here’s her introduction in her own words.

Emily is pansexual, non-binary, polyamorous and active in the BDSM community. An aspiring lawyer and keen horse rider she has been bemused from a young age by artificial constraints on gender, relationships and what is considered “normal”. With knowledge this confusion has evolved into feminist rage against the kyriachy which she channels into karate and taekwondo training, writing, knitting, baking and sewing.

Welcome, Emily!

The image is by Isabella Jusková and is used under a Creative Commons Zero licence. It shows a white horse eating grass on what appears to be a hill or mountain rising up into the clouds and mist behind it.