Introducing March’s guest blogger

As we say a big thank you to Emma Hamilton for her thought-provoking pieces in February, we move forward to welcome Sally Parkin, our guest blogger for March.

In her own words:

“Born in Leicester, Sally Parkin graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, and has worked to support children and adults with additional needs before giving birth to her daughter last year.

Sally is a writer and poet passionate about creative expression and fun education. Her love of literature started as a child with trips to the library and she now enjoys collecting children’s books from charity shops and attending open mic events.

As a new mum, Sally is currently immersed in writing about parenthood and the challenges, pressures and joys that parents face, as well as her own experience of raising a daughter in a capitalist, image-conscious, patriarchal society.

In her spare time Sally paints, reads, plays local league basketball, swims and snorkels, plays the piano and enjoys walks in nature with her partner.”

Welcome, Sally!

Image of a bundle of pencils and pens

Image courtesy Thomas Kristensen on Flickr