April guest blogger The F-Word

Introducing April’s guest blogger

April guest blogger The F-Word

It’s a brand new month, which means that we’re pleased to introduce you to our next monthly blogger: Louisa Adjoa Parker.

In her own words:

“Louisa is of Ghanaian and English heritage and has lived in the rural South West for over 30 years. She was the single mother of three daughters for many years, and is also a grandmother. Louisa is a freelance writer of poetry, fiction and black history.

She began writing while studying Sociology as a mature student, to explore feelings of being ‘different’ and to express her experiences of racism and growing up with domestic violence. Louisa has long been interested in the ways different forms of oppression can intersect, before she even knew what intersectionality was! She has belonged to various marginalised groups over the years, and hopes through her writing to represent those who are traditionally excluded from the media and literature.

As well as ‘race’ and gender, she has a strong interest in mental health, as she lives with MH conditions and has worked in this field. Louisa draws on personal experience and her perspectives on social injustice to create poetry and fiction, and (more recently) opinion journalism pieces.”

Welcome, Louisa!

Featured image by Simson Petrol, from Unsplash. Used under Creative Commons Zero licence.

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