Welcome, new editors!

After a long search for the right people, you will see we have two new faces on our ‘About us’ page. Please join me in giving them both a warm welcome!

Here are some more details about our new recruits, in their own words:

Sophie Jackson (features editor, working with Pooja Kawa)

Sophie is a feminist writer and editor, having discovered the joy of writing when she was gifted a Barbie typewriter on her fourth birthday. She co-edits features for The F-Word and writes about feminism’s intersections with mental health and LGBT+ communities. Sophie makes a living working in student politics and spends her spare time watching any television about happy queer characters that she can possibly find. Born and raised in New Zealand, she now lives as close to London as she can get without going broke. You can find her on Twitter at @sophlynne.

Contact Pooja and Sophie with pitches for features at [email protected]

Erin Aniker (visual arts editor)

Erin Aniker is an intersectional feminist, freelance illustrator and Arts PR based in London. She is half Turkish, half English and enjoys celebrating and exploring dual identities, cultures and strong women from diverse backgrounds across her illustration work. She creates illustrations for the likes of The Metro Newspaper amongst others and can often be found visiting a mix of exhibitions by established and emerging artists in London and across the UK. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @ErinAniker.

Contact Erin with pitches for visual arts reviews and section-relevant features at [email protected]

For the full list of our section-related addresses, click here.

NB: We are still looking for a suitable person (or people!) to take care of our social media. Shoshana is a tough act to follow, but we know you’re out there somewhere!

Image description and credit:

Close up of a fountain pen’s nib, with an out of focus page in the background, showing typed words with handwritten annotations. By Nic McPhee, shared under a Creative Commons License.