Introducing June’s monthly guest blogger

It’s summer in Britain, and as we welcome the warmer weather, we welcome Sarah Burke as this month’s guest blogger.

In her own words:

“Sarah is, in her own words ‘just a girl from Rotherham.’ Dragged up in this small northern hemisphere of failed industry, failed community, and failed dreams, Sarah found feminism in the dark recesses of her local library when she stumbled on a long-forgotten volume of Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics at the tender age of seventeen. She promptly gave up her place at Hair and Beauty College and went on to forge a different kind of path.

Having lived in Rotherham for most of her life, Sarah has witnessed first-hand the effects of deprivation on a person’s experiences and expectations. She was told as an adolescent that a career in journalism would be beyond her grasp given her family background, but she continues to fight for that dream, studying an MA in Classical Studies with the Open University and writing in earnest every which way she can.

Sarah is happily defiant, living life on her own terms. After a career as a business analyst, she gave up the rat race and settled in for a few years of study. She has a love of the classical world, literature, learning and development, and a keen interest in equality.”

Featured image by Lubomyr Myronyuk, from Unsplash.

Image is of a notebook lying open on a large book, with a woman sitting at a desk behind it. The notebook has handwritten notes in it